AWB: The Anarchist Writers Bloc

Anarchist literature and cabaret

Welcome to the AWB!

Hey there, this is a placeholder for the reboot site of the AWB. It was on a hiatus for years, but we’re back!

A bunch of us met last June 2023 at the Montreal Anarchist Book Fair and decided that a new tome of Subversions should be published next year to celebrate a decade of AWB.



Stay tuned for upcoming updates:


We have never paid anyone for any story or work in or on the book because the AWB has never been about the money, but has always been an all volunteer creative anarchist project, a place to share our work with each other.

Every writer receives one free copy of the book that has their story or work in it and is welcome to participate in cabarets to share their work.

Any money we have raised at benefit cabarets has paid for the printing and distribution of the books with any funds leftover being donated to a prisoner solidarity group, the DIRA or some other anarchist group.

Money remaining from sales, if any, will pay for future editions.